There are many reasons to try your luck in crypto trading through the Immediate Edge system

Trade crypto easily and profitably

You don’t need to go through the tedious crypto trading process when trading with us. Trading starts at a click of a button. We offer adequate trading resources to help you prepare before getting started.


Transparent and safe Trading Environment

We offer a secure trading environment powered by advanced encryption. The Immediate Edge website is secured through the AES 256 encryption. This encryption protocol prevents most forms of cyberattacks.


Monitor your account in real-time

We offer tools to help you monitor your account in real time. All the transactions are recorded in an immutable ledger. All the transactions recorded in this ledger cannot be altered. We also offer a smart contracts system to ensure transparent P2P transactions.


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Immediate Edge Features


Powerful Trading System

Immediate Edge provides traders, from newcomers to professionals, with a complete trading experience, on a dynamic yet simple platform. Investors should be able to navigate through our platform very easily.


Secure Trading Environment

Immediate Edge is committed to users’ security and protection. We use strong protocols and top-level encryption measures to provide a safe trading environment and prevent any forms of data leaks.


Excellent Customer Support

Our friendly customer service team is at your disposal 24 hours a day. If you’re having issues or have questions, it is easy to get in touch with our trained staff through our platform. We’re online and ready to help.


Investing in Crypto can be a Daunting Task! But the Journey is super easy when you Trade with the Right Tools!

Investing in crypto is not as easy as it sounds. There are different ways to invest, and each investment method has its pros and cons. You can invest in crypto through mining. This method can be super lucrative, but you need powerful computers and a huge energy budget.

You can make money off crypto through the traditional buying low and selling high. Buying crypto happens through crypto exchanges. You need a crypto wallet to store your crypto holdings. A crypto wallet can either be hot or cold. Hot wallets are online-based, while cold wallets are offline. Storing your crypto in a hot wallet ensures instant access and easy transaction. Moreover, hot wallets are either free or low cost. The only downside of holding your crypto in a hot wallet is that you could get hacked and your crypto holdings be stolen.

But this shouldn’t worry you since most hot wallets offer custodial services. This means that your crypto holdings are insured against loss. Do not store all your crypto holdings in an uninsured hot wallet. Cold wallets are the best if you intend to hold your crypto for the long term.

Trading crypto through derivatives eliminates the hassles of buying low and selling high. The most popular derivatives are crypto CFDs. CFDs allow you to ride the rise and fall of crypto without owning the underlying asset. Crypto CFDs are highly profitable when the right trading tools are used.

By downloading Immediate Edge app you can use a variety of tools to make your crypto trading journey easy and fun. You will find a video explaining the features of our trading platform upon signing up. We also offer a free demo platform to help you test our trading tools before going live. Make sure you have watched the trading introduction video and tested the tools on the demo before starting a session. Crypto trading can make you rich, but there is also a possibility that you could lose money. We recommend you evaluate your risk appetite thoroughly before investing with us. Don’t put all your savings in crypto since there is a chance of a wrong move wiping out all your capital. Invest wisely!

JPMorgan Chase says that Bitcoin is undervalued and is preferable to Real Estate! What does this mean for Investors?

The world’s biggest investment bank has released a report showing that bitcoin is undervalued by 28%. Analysts at JPMorgan Chase investment bank claim that bitcoin is now the preferred alternative asset to real estate. According to the report, the fair value of bitcoin is $38,000.

The digital currency industry shows more promise than the US real estate sector. Investors are, therefore, better off packing their excess cash in digital currencies. However, this industry is super risky, so investors shouldn’t invest more than they can afford to lose.

Bitcoin is not the only digital asset with much promise. Alternative coins such as Ethereum, DOGE, Polygon, Cardano, Solana, Stellar, and Terra show much promise. These digital currencies are bound to grow tenfold in the coming months. Leading crypto analysts predict that a massive crypto boom will occur by the end of 2022.

The boom will increase the value of the entire crypto industry by more than ten times. Bitcoin is expected to shoot to the sky during the boom. Crypto analysts at Fidelity Investments predict that this boom will push the price of bitcoin past $100,000 by the end of this year.

These sentiments are echoed by the crypto lending firm Nexo, among other authoritative financial institutions. Surprisingly, the bitcoin boom is expected to continue with rapid ups and downs for five years. Analysts at CoinDesk believe that the boom will push BTC closer to the $1 million mark. Experts predict that bitcoin could hit $1 million by 2030.

The rapid crypto growth is reportedly driven by massive mainstream adoption. Many mainstream institutions are now exploring ways to capitalize on crypto. Many leading corporations have embraced digital currencies as a payment method. Examples include Microsoft, PayPal, Overstock, Whole Foods, Etsy, Starbucks, Home Depot, and Newegg.

Others such as Tesla, MicroStrategy, Galaxy, Hut 8 Mining Corp, and Voyager Digital have invested in bitcoin as an asset. Tesla took a big leap of faith in 2021 by investing $1.5 billion in bitcoin. The company has reportedly made huge profits from the investment.

The positive sentiments by experts and the mainstream adoption are enough proof of the amazing money-making opportunities in crypto. We make the crypto trading journey easier for you by offering amazing trading research and order-placing tools.

These tools are available for free for those lucky enough to secure a signup slot with us. You can download and use the Immediate Edge app now by clicking here.


Immediate Edge offers the Tools to Make Crypto Trading Fun and More Profitable!

One of the ways to earn a living online in 2022 is through crypto trading. The number of people earning handsome profits online through crypto trading is growing daily. Analysts estimate that the crypto industry generates more millionaires today than any other industry.
A crypto data tracking firm Bitinforcharts released a report from the last year estimating that there were over hundred thousand bitcoin millionaires globally. The number of crypto millionaires is growing rapidly as more innovative trading methods emerge.
Analysts predict that the crypto industry will enter a boom that will see the number of millionaires increased by over a hundred times. The anticipated crypto boom will reportedly push the price of bitcoin past its all-time high.
Experts at leading mainstream financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs and Fidelity Investments are upbeat that BTC will hit $100,000 by the end of the year. Leading analysts at Morgan Creek Digital Assets predict that the boom will continue for years, and bitcoin could trade past one million.
If these predictions come true, the number of crypto millionaires is bound to shoot to the skies. But you don’t have to wait for the boom to make money on crypto. The Immediate Edge crypto trading tools help you make money on crypto volatility by betting on the price swings of up to 100 cryptocurrencies. Sign up with us to trade the rising crypto volatility like a pro.

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