Tips and tutorials

Trading success with Immediate Edge is influenced by factors such as the settings applied, the current market conditions, and the level of risk per trade taken.

Finish the signup on the official Immediate Edge website to access the settings guide. The guide should help you master all the trading tools. You can use the demo under the assigned broker to test the tools before going live.

The provided trading research tools should help you implement quality news trading strategies. Among the tools are a regularly updated news feed and blog. The news feed offers a minute-to-minute update on the latest market news.

Peruse the blog for commentaries on the news. The commentaries provide tips to help you trade the market news. Read on for more tips to help you succeed with Immediate Edge.

Start small and grow your account via reinvestments

This is quite important since it allows you the peace of mind to focus on what is important. Putting all your savings on a risky venture such as Immediate Edge is likely to cause anxiety. The anxiety may prevent you from focusing and exploiting the market opportunities to the fullest.

Keep tabs on market news and events

As explained earlier, we have partnered with a leading trading news provider. The news provider offers market updates after every five minutes. They also provide commentaries to help beginner traders learn how to trade the news. We have also invested in a detailed events calendar to help you with occurrences such as the non-farm payroll.

End the trading session at the close of the markets

Crypto trading is more lucrative during the US or the UK time zones. You should select either of the two time zones and stick to it. A trading session should be between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM. This is when trading is happening on major exchanges. Trading past the time zone could attract rollover fees. These fees are charged by the underlying broker.