Crypto Basics

Anyone can trade trending cryptos with the Immediate Edge system. However, you must have the crypto basics at your fingertips to achieve trading success.

The Immediate Edge system is completely beginner friendly. You only need to master basic crypto trading terms to succeed with the platform. We have summarized the crypto basics below to get you started.

What are Crypto assets?

Crypto assets are blockchain-based digital currencies. The currencies play the roles of a unit of account, store of value, and tradable assets. Their prices are prone to the market forces of demand and supply and hence can be traded as a financial instrument. Cryptos are traded on an exchange or through derivatives provided by financial brokers.

How to make money on crypto

You can make money on crypto through three different methods. These include mining, investing, and trading. Mining involves the application of sophisticated computer algorithms to solve complex mathematics and release new coins in the market. Investing involves buying low and selling high. Trading involves placing bets on short-term volatility

Different approaches to crypto trading

You can trade crypto directly through exchanges or through financial derivatives. There are many different forms of crypto derivatives. However, the most popular is Contract for Difference (CFD). These derivatives allow you to bet on asset prices without owning the underlying asset. Moreover, you can bet on both the rise and fall of crypto.